HIMA•San Pablo Bayamón

The HIMA•San Pablo Bayamon Hospital opened in 1976 and has been accredited by the (JCAHO). HIMA•San Pablo Bayamon is the second largest private hospital in Puerto Rico . There are three buildings adjacent to the hospital medical offices where there are more than 200 medical clinics: Torre San Pablo, Plaza San Pablo and building Dr. Arturo Cadilla.




Postal Address

P.O. Box 236 Bayamon, PR 00960-6036

Physical Address

Santa Cruz St. #70, Urb. Santa Cruz, Bayamon


18.398239, -66.147629


HIMA•San Pablo Bayamon Services

The accredited Chest Pain Center in HIMA•San Pablo Bayamon has demonstrated its ability and commitment to quality care to meet or exceed a wide set of stringent criteria and incur a review visit by the SCPC accreditation specialist equipment. The important areas in which an accredited center must demonstrate expertise include:

  • Integration of the emergency room with the emergency medical system
  • Discern, diagnose and treat patients quickly
  • Treat the patient with low risk acute coronary syndromes effectively
  • Continually seek to improve its processes and procedures
  • Ensuring the skills and training of all staff
  • Maintain commitment and organizational structure
  • Having a functional design that promotes optimal patient care
  • Support community programs that educate the public to seek medical care promptly to symptoms of a possible heart attack
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