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HIMA San • Pablo Contigo has a mission to help the community through improving the health, and medical education of the general public.

The HIMA • San Pablo Contigo foundation has different projects and/or programs each focused on a particular aspect of the population and its needs be it emotional/physical condition, age group and/or community composition. All work and impact activities are done in coordination with grassroots community organizations and with volunteers from Grupo HIMA • San Pablo or other foundations.

Foundation Directors and Officers

Lcdo. Armando Rodríguez Benítez
President, HIMA • San Pablo Contigo, Inc.

Lcda. Heidi L. Rodríguez Benítez
Vice – President, HIMA • San Pablo Contigo, Inc.

Arq. Mariola Cirino Marcano
Secretary, HIMA • San Pablo Contigo, Inc.

Jennifer Fajardo Hernández
Treasurer, HIMA • San Pablo Contigo, Inc.

Eduardo Mir Torres, AIT

Natalia Rodríguez Calderín

Lcdo. Ian Pagán Llorens

For inquiries and donations, please contact 787-653-6060


Contigo Abuelo

Focused on revising/supplying the needs of elderly (55 yrs. or older) and/or incapacitated individuals in the community not housed in elderly or communal homes. It provides support for physical, emotional, and medical needs, as well as the safety and stability of the infrastructure of their homes (availability to water, electricity, etc.)


A supplementary program to Contigo Abuelo, it serves as a follow up to the medical needs of the participants providing medical refills to avoid decompensation.

HIMA Helps

The program was originally created to help victims of Hurricane Irma and now has expanded to help victims of Hurricane María as well. This program has donated medicine, clothes, and personal hygiene products. HIMA Helps has provided medical assistance via community clinics to the islands of St. Croix, Tortola and Puerto Rico including its island municipalities of Vieques and Culebra.


The development of a tool to assist vulnerable individuals in our communities collect, maintain and transfer their complete health information to assist first responders and health professionals to provide immediate and adequate medical treatment during a disaster. This program is focused on the elderly and the bed-ridden.