HIMA•San Pablo Caguas


HIMA•San Pablo Caguas Hospital opened in 1988 and has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) since 1991. It is the third largest private hospital in Puerto Rico and one of two hospitals that has totally digital radiology in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean.


(787) 653-3434

Postal address

P.O. Box 4980
Caguas, PR 00726-4980

Physical address

100 Luis Muñoz Marin Avenue, Caguas, PR


18.218625, -66.031394

Specialized Centers

Advanced Neuroscience Center

The Advanced Neuroscience Center

Our team of HIMA•San Pablo Advanced Neuroscience Center is composed of physicians with experience, surgeons, nurses and other health professionals to provide diagnosis, treatment and services for patients with disorders of the nervous system. Our areas of specialty include: treatment for Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, monitoring of epilepsy and other neurological disorders. The Advanced Neuroscience Center is committed to provide the best comprehensive care for all our patients and contribute to the best alternative for neurological care in Puerto Rico.

The Advanced Neuroscience Center has:

Primary Stroke CenterEpilepsy CenterMultiple Sclerosis Center

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HIMA•San Pablo Caguas Ambulatory Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Center provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary atettion to those who suffers of this chronic disease that compromises the central nervous system. Multiple Sclerosis primarily affects young people, which can cause long-term disability. Our Multiple Sclerosis Center is open to all patients who receive care from specialists neurologists in demyelinating diseases.

Dr. Patricia de Jesus, a neurologist with a subspecialty in multiple sclerosis, from the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, heads the new Center for Multiple Sclerosis HIMA•San Pablo, located on the first floor of HIMA•Surgicenter in Caguas.

In the Sclerosis Center are disciplines such as:

  • Neuropsychology- Liza San Miguel Montes – by appointment
  • Speech Therapist – Ana Vega – by appointment
  • Physiatrist – María Ocasio – by appointment

Service Hours Lunes a Viernes de 7:30am a 5:00pm
Location: G Floor, HIMA•San Pablo Caguas Ambulatory Center
Phone: (787) 704-3434 Ext. 3482, 3485 ó 787-653-3763

Multiple Sclerosis Center