Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Center provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary atettion to those who suffers of this chronic disease that compromises the central nervous system. Multiple Sclerosis primarily affects young people, which can cause long-term disability. Our Multiple Sclerosis Center is open to all patients who receive care from specialists neurologists in demyelinating diseases.

Dr. Patricia de Jesus, a neurologist with a subspecialty in multiple sclerosis, from the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, heads the new Center for Multiple Sclerosis HIMA•San Pablo, located on the first floor of HIMA•Surgicenter in Caguas.

The Center has an additional neurologist, Dr. Yadira Dacosta, plus professionals like physiatrist, neuro-psychologist, speech pathologist and a nurse with experience in dealing with this complex disease patients who are actively involved in the diagnosis, treatment , rehabilitation and continuing education of patients and their families.

You also have a network of specialists who can refer patients if necessary, such as gastroenterologists, urologists and others. The center has an area for drug infusion (directly into the bloodstream administration) as well as a space for taking lab samples and other services that these patients need.

Early diagnosis is essential for the patient to receive appropriate treatment and prevent it from reaching the most advanced stage. Many patients can continue with their normal lives, to a high level of functioning, if they receive prompt treatment. Patients interested in receiving care can contact us and join our program by calling 787-653-6060.

In the Sclerosis Center are disciplines such as:

  • Neuropsychology- Liza San Miguel Montes – by appointment
  • Speech Therapist – Ana Vega – by appointment
  • Physiatrist – María Ocasio – by appointment

Service Hours Lunes a Viernes de 7:30am a 5:00pm
Location: G Floor, HIMA•San Pablo Caguas Ambulatory Center
Phone: (787) 704-3434 Ext. 3482, 3485 ó 787-653-3763