Hospitals HIMA•San Pablo

Hospital HIMA • San Pablo are a group of four hospitals “state of the art” in the north and east of Puerto Rico. Hospitals have become service providers to choose between doctors and patients and are part of parent company Grupo HIMA • San Pablo. The HIMA • San Pablo Group is the leading provider of tertiary hospital services in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean basin. The company offers cutting-edge technology and superior quality of service compared to the level of the best hospitals in the continental United States.

HIMA • San Pablo Group was founded by Joaquin Rodriguez, CEO and Chairman, and Carlos M. Piñeiro, president and COO in 1988 with the opening of the Inter Hospital for Advanced Medicine (HIMA) in Caguas.

In addition to its hospitals, HIMA • San Pablo Group operates several subsidiaries that provide services related to commercial and ancillary, such as parking, OPD pharmacies, cafes, security services, home infusion services and ambulance services.

Hospital HIMA • San Pablo and its subsidiaries employ approximately 5,000 people, of which over 1,300 are nurse. They also have a faculty of more than 1,200 physicians. The facility has 1,100 licensed beds.


Develop the most advanced services and acquire the necessary technology for a medical school jointly prepared with the most advanced knowledge in the practice of medicine , to offer , at optimal cost , the best medicine available to cure most of the conditions that affect the health of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Being preferred by the community we serve health service provider . Be leaders, innovators and agents of positive change in the field of health service delivery . Be the source of more attractive jobs for the community we serve .


HIMA • San Pablo Hospitals considered compassion, respect for human dignity and integrity as our highest values ​​. We recognize that all people have physical, emotional , social and spiritual unique needs. We are firmly committed to providing the highest level service and courtesy to our patients, families and visitors.


HIMA • San Pablo Hospitals began as an enterprise of a hospital in 1988 and have become one of the largest networks of hospitals and ancillary services and larger health Puerto Rico .

  • 1988: opens the first hospital group located in Caguas , Interamerican Hospital for Advanced Medicine ( HIMA ) , now known as HIMA • San Pablo Caguas.
  • 1996: the Grupo HIMA • San Pablo acquired 104 licensed hospital beds in Humacao, to serve patients in the eastern part of the island. This hospital is now known as HIMA • San Pablo Humacao .
  • 2004: Centro Ambulatorio HIMA • San Pablo, an outpatient clinical located at the entrance of the traditional center of the city is created. It has an emergency room , outpatient services, medical offices and four outpatient operating rooms.
  • 2005: two hospitals located in Bayamon and Fajardo are acquired. These facilities are the HIMA • San Pablo Bayamon and HIMA • San Pablo Fajardo.

Why Us?

  • Facilities in Caguas, Cupey, Bayamón, Fajardo and Humacao
  • At avant-garde with the most advanced technology available in Puerto Rico, Caribe y Latin America.
  • First Neonatal Intensive Unit in a private hospital in Puerto Rico.
  • First Cancer Center in a private hospital in Puerto Rico, with the most prepared specialist in the field.
  • First Cardiovascular Institute in a private hospital in Puerto Rico
  • Pioneers in open heart surgery in Puerto Rico
  • First Primary Stroke Center in a private hospital in Puerto Rico
  • Labor Delivery & Recovery Suites (LDR)
  • Surgery Center
  • Modern Ambulatory Center in Caguas
  • Adult Emergency Room
  • Pediatric Emergency Room
  • 1,100 beds for acute care
  • Over 1,200 physicians
  • Pediatric and Adult Specialists and Sub-specialists that practice exclusively in HIMA•San Pablo Hospitals
  • More than 5,000 employees
  • Over 200 volunteers