Sunburn Art, attractive but not for the Health

Recently in this summer there has been a new modality, which has spread through social networks especially in America, called Sunburn Art. The Sunburn Art is known as the art of solar burns and it consists to cover different areas of the skin by applying Solar Protector  creating a design and then exposed to the sun and its UV rays. This will make the body sunburn occurring in certain areas to then appreciate the “design” in question, which can be seen as a temporary tattoo.

It is important to alert the community from this modality and the danger to practice it. This summer HIMA San Pablo Educa have led education about the damage UV rays can caused, prolonged exposure to sunlight and the importance of using sunscreens. This method can bring serious health problems, specifically to the skin, people who choose to practice it are at greater risk of skin cancer.

As like everything that becomes viral, this has its brand on social networks, and can be found on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #sunburnart, so you can see photos of different people and they have practiced.

If you want to know more about the importance of protecting us from the sun’s rays can visit our section

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