Guide of education and support for

Pediatric Oncology

They are oriented on the impact of pediatric cancer

Develop list of 22 short readings for addressing the needs of families facing the difficult diagnosis.

Difficult diagnosis of cancer

Parents tell their reaction after learning that his son suffered from the disease.

This guide was created to help families who manage a pediatric cancer diagnosis and a first hospitalization. Offers useful recommendations for parents and other family members or caregivers, so that they can feel better prepared for the challenges of the medical treatment. We know that the diagnosis has a strong impact on the family. It causes doubts, strong emotions and fears since it usually occurs unexpectedly and alters the family routine. But there is good news. Many children and adolescents with cancer can be cured, return to school and lead a normal life after treatment. In addition, with the proper guidance and assistance, thousands of families facing pediatric cancer leave later.

Topics of interest presented in the Guide provided:

  • managing strong emotions
  • communication with family and medical staff
  • the clarification of doubts about cancer
  • orderly planning of health care of the patient

A part of this content summarizes writings published by the American society against Cancer in pediatric area. By their relevance, they have incorporated in this work.

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